If you’re like most of the visitors to this website you are here because you are in some way navigating your way around employment within the property industry.

You could be looking for career advice, a new opportunity or perhaps your next hire. Maybe it is a combination of all three (more common that most would think). Perhaps it’s simply to understand more about Zoek Recruitment & how it operates.

No matter what your reasons, thank you for visiting.

It is human nature to strive to grow, improve ourselves and to reach our potential be it personally or in a business. I hope that in some way I can assist you along this path.


Hi, I’m Glenn Crawford, the owner of Zoek Recruitment. The sole objective of my business is to serve you in whatever capacity I can. Honestly, ethically & openly.

Rules of engagement
No BS Please – I do not give it nor do I want to hear it.

Give me the truth and we can work together, It’s too hard any other way.

I have been working within the Melbourne Property development scene for over 15 years now and have been actively involved in the Recruitment space for over 8 years.

How Can I Help You?

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than being able to share what I have learned along my journey.   I’m privileged to have assisted in connecting amazing talent with outstanding companies and consider myself fortunate to have formed an extensive network in the industry in doing so.

With this network I am privileged to be able to seek advice (and sometimes give it) to many of the great minds working for some of the best in developers, builders & marketing agencies in the industry.

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